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The Ms. Senior America Pageant is the world's first and foremost pageant to emphasize and give honor to women who have reached the age of elegance. It is a search for the gracious lady who best exemplifies the dignity, maturity and inner beauty of all senior Americans. The Ms. Senior America Pageant philosophy is based upon the belief that seniors are the foundation of America and our most valuable treasure. It is upon their knowledge, experience and resources that the younger generation has the opportunity to build a better society. This state-wide competition focuses on promoting aging: we want to bring attention to the American public that aging is not something to be afraid of. This is a time of life when women can seek things out, step out of that box and break the stereotyping that women reaching a certain age are considered "over the hill." Take a look at our Winners Page and see that these women are anything but rocking chair candidates! They're role models for young and old alike in their communities and beyond. And when they come to journey's end, they will certainly not see a life defined by "What If's" or a life of regret.

Congratulations to Janis Thomas -
Ms. Virginia Senior America 2015

Janis Thomas, of Winchester, was crowned Ms. Virginia Senior America 2015 at the coronation event in Staunton, Virginia, on May 20, 2015. Ms. Thomas is a life-long dancer and will dance again to the jazzy rhythms of ’Steam Heat’, her very first recital dance of 41 years ago, at this year’s National competition. Ms. Thomas was first runner-up in the 2014 Virginia contest

Patsy Godley
Patsy Godley

Patsy Godley - Ms. Senior America 2014

Virginia’s own Patsy Godley won the 2014 national title competing in a field of 42 contestants from across the U.S. and territories. Although in the past, Virginians have been in the top 10 and top 5, Patsy is the first to win the title since Joyce Clautice in 1999. For more information, visit senioramerica.org.

Annmarie Pittman
State Director
Kat Fanelli
Kat Fanelli
Assistant State
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